Contact Management

Generate leads while providing customer support

Contact Management

Create leads while providing customer support

Too busy to create a lead while providing excellent customer support? No problem - our contact management picks all incoming chats and tickets, capturing important information such as name, email and notes for each contact.

contact management dashboard

Stay on top of your leads

Contacts created automatically via chat or tickets can easily be tracked, allowing you to see a single view of your contact’s information and activities and giving you the ability to make quick strategic decisions.


Share contacts with the right person

Found a great contact you can upsell to? Share it with your team and let them refer your notes and tasks to learn how to close the sale.

Share contacts

100% secure with 99.99% uptime

Safety first. No need to waste time or money to meet compliance standards - your customers contact information is securely tucked away in our servers hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Online Contact Management